Ian Glenn

ING Robotic Aviation Inc.    

Ian Glenn is a builder, a creator, an inventor, a team builder, a leader, a visionary - in short, an entrepreneur. 

Ian leads Canada's most dynamic growth sector – robotic aviation – as the Chief Executive and Chief Technology Officer of his company, ING Robotic Aviation. Over the past 15 years, ING has integrated and invented UAV systems and provided services across the globe in harsh conditions including war zones.  Ian has provided leadership in the field for over two decades, driving the creation of national drone standards with Transport Canada, as well as, creating the sector national association, Unmanned Systems Canada. As a pioneer of Industrial Drones, he has created new markets and capabilities as he introduces UAVs to the resource, agriculture, forestry, utility, film, construction, and defence and public safety sectors. Along the way, he also learnt how to read a balance sheet.